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A belated Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

Hi Everyone

Well I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Holiday Season and are preparing for a great New Year!!

Since I last updated you, I have been busy enjoying my off season. Right after I finished my playing year at the Lorena Ochoa Invitational in mid November, I headed back to Australia for just over a month. I was home in North Queensland for the entire time which was great! Its the most time I have spent at home consecutively for as long as I can remember. As always it went very fast and no matter how much time you have it never feels long enough.

Anyway, the first weekend I was home was my Dad's 60th birthday. What a blast we had! At first my Dad's wasn't too keen on having a party for his birthday but by the end of it he was saying it was his best party ever!! So that was good to hear and everyone had fun.

I did do something pretty cool while I was home. My coach Kelvin Haller and his wife Viv, gave me a dive trip to the Yongala reef for my birthday. Its a dive that I have always wanted to do but never made the time to do it. The S.S Yongala was a ship that sank off the coast of Ayr in 1911. It was sunk during a cyclone that was hitting the coast at that time. Its an amazing dive site. There is nothing around the ship except for the ship itself, which of course now is a beautiful reef with all sorts of sea life. On the day we dove we saw one of the resident Gropers that live at the bow of the ship. According to the dive masters on our trip, we didn't see the biggest of the Gropers that day but even still the fella we saw was 150kgs/330lbs!!! Absolutely massive! If you want to check out the dive company I went out with and learn more about the Yongala go to

The rest of my time at home was spent with my family, catching up with friends and Christmas shopping. It was great to get to spend a lot of time with my family. My 3 nieces and nephew are growing up fast and developing their own little personalities. Its fun to spend time with them and have them remember who Aunty Karrie is. They learn things so quickly..its really cute to watch. I was home right up until just before Christmas when I headed back to Florida celebrate Christmas this year. So because I was leaving early, my family had an early Christmas dinner for me. It was fun to watch the kids open up all there presents. Since my sisters have had kids it has definitely made Christmas more of what I remember when I was a kid! Its great to see their excitement.

So I have been back in Florida for a little over a week. I spent Christmas with some friends and their family. I had never spent Christmas in Florida before. I had a great day and it was fun to experience other families Christmas traditions.

This past week I have started a little bit of practice. I'm just getting some of the rust off and gearing up for a solid month of practice before my season begins back in Australia on the first week of February. I manage to go out fishing yesterday. Amazingly the wind and the cold had laid down for a couple of days which made going out yesterday perfect conditions for fishing. We had a very lucky day....I managed to fight and then release a 50lb white marlin!!! Its the second one I have caught now in the past 4 years which I feel pretty lucky because they are a rare find in Sth Florida. So that made the trip, we didn't have too many more hits for the day but I didn't care because landing one of those beauties was more than I could have expected.

So its New Year's Eve afternoon, I'm sitting watching some college football bowl games. I'm looking forward to having a nice night and few drinks with friends and bring in the New Year! I wish you all the best for 2011 and want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for all of your support over the past year. I hope to make 2011 a huge one and give you all something to cheer loudly about!!

Best Wishes



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