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British Open and week off.

Ciao Everyone!

I am very sorry for the delay in updating my journal! After the British Open I went to Italy on a weeks vacation, so I didn't get the chance to update you on my week at the British Open.

So let's go back to the week of the British Open. What a week! I love playing Royal Lytham Golf Course! It was the fourth time we had played a British Open there and apart from a blip in 2006, I have played quite well there. So after a good performance at the Evian Masters, I felt good about playing well and having an opportunity to win. My practice went well, so Thursday morning I woke up to see we were in for some horrendous weather but still felt that I would be positive throughout and know that everyone would be finding it tough. So I was feeling good, but right before I left for the course, I realized that I had been robbed while I had left my room that morning to go to breakfast!! All my bags had been gone through and I ended up losing a few watches, earrings and some cash. It was very upsetting, as two of the watches were ones that I had won at the 2006 Evian Masters and the 2002 Australian Open. As I was just about to head to the course to begin my first round, I only had time to report it to the GM of the hotel. I couldn't wait for the police to get there, so that was something I had to deal with that night. So back to heading out to the course, I was upset of course and now I was running late! Somehow I was able to calm down, knowing that I couldn't do anything about what had happened at the hotel. I think the fact that the conditions were extremely tough that day, I knew I couldn't allow myself to dwell on this incident or I would completely play my way out of the event.

I managed to scrap out a 5 over par round, which in the end I was a bit disappointed because I had 3 over in my final four holes. I don't ever make excuses for myself but I think with all the energy I expended before I teed off and also how extreme the conditions were made me a little mentally tired on those last few holes.

Anyway, I knew that I had really done a good job of surviving that first round and knew a good next couple of rounds would put me right in it! Friday was a bit of an up and down day but fortunately I finished with a flurry making birdies on 3 out of my last 4 to shoot 1 under and really make a nice move. Saturday was probably the best I played for the week but again with a good start to my round, didn't finish things off like I would have liked. So I was a bit disappointed that I hadn't given myself a better chance of winning, knowing that I would have to shoot a great one on Sunday and also have some help from the leaders.

Going into Sunday's round I knew I had to get off to a quick start! I played well through the first 14 holes but never really got anything hot going. So teeing off 15, I thought if I could finish the last 4 holes well I could have a good finish to the tournament. Well by the end of the 15th, I was only 2 shots behind the leader and now all of a sudden right in the thick of things with 3 to play. I managed to make an eagle 3 on 15, really from out of nowhere! I went for the green in two but missed the green just left with my 3 wood. It ended up being about 5 feet in the long grass just left of the green. My lie was ok but one I wasn't sure exactly how it would come out. I decided to play it like a bunker shot and would be happy with anything inside 10 - 15 feet. As I made contact and looked up, I realized it had come out really well and soft. It landed in line with the pin, bounced and rolled a few feet hitting the pin dead center and falling into the hole! A bit of luck but a great shot none the less!

So now I found myself really in contention all of a sudden. I played 16 beautifully hitting a wedge from the middle of the fairway to 8 feet and making the putt. On 17 and 18 I gave myself two good opportunities for birdie but the one on 17 sat on the lip and on 18 it just slid by. So I finished at even par and at that point 1 under was still leading. Although the wind had dropped on my final couple of holes, so I knew that I would be lucky to get into a playoff. As it turned out, Catriona Matthew played her final 6 holes 2 under to secure a 3 shot win and walk comfortably down the 18th. What an amazing win for her. It was only her second tournament back after giving birth to her and her husband/caddy Graeme's second daughter, Sophie. I can't even imagine being in shape to play let alone winning a major!

So all in all, I was very happy to have given myself a chance to win the tournament. Second place is my best result in a major since 2007, so I am happy about that. With the work I have done and how I have played the past few events, I am hoping I now have the recipe to finish off the year in very strong fashion!

Last week had always been a planned vacation trip to Italy. Considering I don't play for three weeks and the fact I was already in Europe, I decided it was a great opportunity to go on a holiday in Italy. It's a country I have always wanted to visit. I had the most unbelievable week there! I spent the week in the Sorrento and Almalfi Coast area. What an absolutely gorgeous place!! It never ceases to amaze me the beauty that you can find all around the world! This part of Italy is no exception! I toured around the area sightseeing and doing a little bit of shopping. I think I fit those things around all the eating and drinking I did! The food was absolutely delicious! So fresh! And of course I couldn't pass up on the great Italian wine! What a great combination! So now that I'm home in Florida, I have realized how much I did actually eat and I am going to have to workout a bit harder to lose all the raviolis and tiramisus that I ate!! But I had a great relaxing week and know that I will definitely holiday in Italy again.

Another bit of good news, although I was only able to keep check of it online, was the news that the Aussie cricket team beat up the Poms big time over the weekend to level the Ashes series 1-1!! There is only one test to go. If the Aussies draw the test they will retain the Ashes as they are the current holders. I am sure though they will be going for the win so that they win the series outright! The Pommies are going to be gunning for the win as that's the only way they can win the Ashes. It will be an exciting finish. It is being played over the weekend of the Solheim Cup, which I will be attending in the capacity of Meg Mallon's cart driver. So if the Aussies bring it home, I will be around quite a few of the English players and caddies to be able to collect on my bets! Let's hope it is that way round!!

Ok, well I think I have more than made up for missing my last week's blog! Boy this was a long one. Hope I didn't bore you too much!

Till next week,


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