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Week Off

Hello Everyone

Another week off.....what did I do?? Well I wish I could give you a really exciting blog this week but unfortunately I was pretty boring last week. I was pretty exhausted after the US Open so I took a few days off at the beginning of the week. I just sort of vegged on the couch really. I had some stuff to do around my house but nothing exciting. I went out for dinner a few times to catch up with some friends. The weather was actually nice to go fishing but I was too lazy to get up early to go and then the days got really like I said I just really vegged! I did get out on my boat just to go for a cruise one night, which actually now that I think about it, was probably the most excitement I had early in the week! lol

I did watch a lot of the British Open. Boy, how amazing was Tom Watson!! I was really bummed for him when he didn't win, but also happy for Stuart Cink. He played really well all week, and really was under the radar right up until the finish.

My other sport that I have been following the last couple weeks has been the Ashes. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a best of 5 cricket series between Australia and England. It is played every 2 years and is being played in England this time around. The last 20 years or so, Australia have beaten the Poms all but once (which was 4 years ago, the last time it was played in England). So it has, for the most part, been fun rubbing it in to all the English players and caddys the 15 years or so that I have been playing on tour. But I'm a little worried this time round. After two tests, Australia is down 1-0!! The first test, the Aussies should have won but didn't and this past weekend, the poms dusted us!! Of course I have some bets on but what would be worse than losing money, is that I would have to listen to Laura Davies go on about it for 2 years!! Nothing could be worse than that!! So even if you don't know what cricket is, think good thoughts for the next month or so for the Aussie cricket team!

This week I am playing the Evian Masters. I arrived in Evian yesterday morning...and even for as long as I have been coming here, the beauty of Evian never ceases to amaze me! If you are ever planning a trip to Europe, I would put Evian, France and the Geneva, Switzerland area on your agenda. It really is a gorgeous part of the world! So in saying that, this is one of my favorite events to play in. It is sometimes hard to concentrate though, solely because when I look out over Lake Geneva,  I wish I was on one of the sail boats cruising around.

So the golf game forecast for the week is that I feel quite refreshed after taking it easy last week. My game still feels good and if I can get things going early and get comfortable I think I should play some good golf this week. Here's hoping!

Take care


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