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LPGA Championship

Hi All

Well I am where I planned to be today, on the couch watching Wimbledon!! After playing for the past three weeks, I woke up this morning pretty tired and worn out. I think until I know I can switch off mentally for a week, I don't realize how much playing was taking out of me. Its good to be home, although it will be a very short week. With the US Open coming up next week, I will only have a couple of days off before I start practicing again.

Going into last week, I had played quite well the previous two events and felt like my game was in pretty good shape. It was weird going to Rochester and playing Locust Hill and it being the LPGA Champs. I have a pretty good record at Locust Hill with a couple of wins over the years. I think they did the best job they could in setting the course up for a major. They lengthened a few holes, narrowed a few fairways and the rough was longer than usual. All up it was going to be a test of patience, which for most of us is how it turned out. My hats off to Christie Kerr! 19 under on that course was amazing! My week went pretty well.....again though, I just didn't get off to a quick enough start in the first two rounds. A solid weekend with better ball striking got me to a T5 finish. I felt like I still didn't perform to my best which on a positive note I still finished 5th in a major without all my game but the frustrating part is finding the key to get everything out of myself. I know I just need to keep working hard, try to be patient and believe that everything will fall into place.

 So like I said earlier, I will have a couple days off and be back at it Wednesday preparing for the US Open at Oakmont. I haven't played there before but I did watch the men play there a couple years ago. It is definitely going to be a tough test but I am looking forward to it. I will be headed up there on Sunday to get a few practice rounds in and try and get a good feel for the course. Practicing in Florida this week is a little tough as I won't be able to do a huge amount of short game work but playing in Toledo this week and having next week be my 5th tournament in a row was not an option.

So that's it for me....will touch base before I tee it up at Oakmont.

Take care



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