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Start of the off-season

G'Day Everyone

Yes I know, it has been way too long since I last updated you all!! Since I last blogged, I played the last two tournaments to end up my 2009 season, I spent Thanksgiving in Amelia Island, went to see the Florida/Florida State game at the Swamp and have traveled home to Australia for Christmas.

So lets start with my golf over the last two tournaments. Well, long story short, it was pretty average. My last road trip of the year was pretty disappointing. I was really hoping that the standard of my game was of a higher quality and I was looking for a much better finish to my year. I'm not sure really why it wasn't better. I think a combination of my schedule leading up to the last three. I had 5 weeks off, so it was hard to not think that the year had already ended with such a long break. Also, I think my body was telling me that I had been a bit lazy towards the second half of the year. I had a couple of aches and pains, that although I don't really believe hurt the way I played, were on my mind and I knew that they had to be addressed in the off season. Overall though, I was quite pleased with my year. It definitely could have been better but I did check off a couple of goals that I had set for the year. One of those being, I got a win early in the year and got the monkey off my back a little. I am hoping to build on that experience in 2010. I would love to start the new decade off the way I started this past one!!

So once my year was completed, it was back to my home in Sth Florida for a couple of days before heading up to Amelia Island to spend Thanksgiving with a good friend of mine's family. It was a really great couple of days...relaxing, eating and drinking in good company. I really love Thanksgiving! Its my favorite US holiday. So all of you who celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope you had a great one!

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I headed over to Gainesville, meet up with some friends and attend the Florida/Florida State football game at the Swamp. As most of you may already know, I am a huge sports fan and love American football! This was only the second college game I had been too. I've been to many NFL games and love the atmosphere at Dolphin games but the atmosphere at the Swamp is really like no other football game I have been too. Florida really was running away with the game, yet the crowd didn't leave and the atmosphere remained electric throughout the game. It was also great to hang with my friends. I mostly only get to catch up with them when they come to watch me play, so its always good to be able to have a beer and not worry about what time I have to get bed.

After all the Thanksgiving festivities, I was back at my home in Florida for 5 days. It ended up being a really busy few days for me. I hadn't been home for nearly a month so I had quite a few things to get done before I left for Australia. Also I had some Christmas shopping to do and I started my off season workout. I am very determined to strengthen the areas that I feel have been letting me done in my golf game. I am hoping that the work I do will help me be more consistent next year physically with my golf swing.

I headed back to Australia for the Christmas period on Saturday Decmeber 5th and will be home for 3 weeks, heading back to Fl just before New Year's Eve. I have been home for a few days now and have been enjoying spending time with my family and friends. I have been continuing my workouts and I will start hitting a few balls again next week. So nothing too stressful going on with me right now. I think the only thing that will cause a little stress in the next couple of weeks, will be getting my Christmas shopping finished!

Take care


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